1 Percent Improvement For Men

A 1 percent improvement for men is do-able, each day.

1% Improvement For Men

1% Improvement For Men. Guys, this is something you can do right now. Don't get bogged down with huge self-improvement goals. Improve just one percent each day.

Many times, when men start out on a self-improvement plan, they aim for radical personal changes...and expect them to happen in a matter of weeks.

Sadly (and realistically), Life doesn't work that way . 

Yes, we've all heard stories of guys who gained 10 lbs of muscle in just 6 weeks, or made $10,000 on the Internet with a month-old website, or found the woman of their dreams while buying dog food at Circle K...but those guys are outliers.

You cannot compare your path of self growth with the extreme ends of a bell curve.

All you can do is bless them, say, "That's amazing!" then start working on yourself. When you compare yourself to maximal immediate successes, it will only serve to beat down your spirit.

Nobody needs that.

Also, get it out of your head that you are going to find some simple Life hacks, self-growth secrets, or personal improvement tricks that will jet you to the front of the male population.

Anybody who has improved themselves has put in some serious thought and hard work. They made a plan, and started chunking away at it. 

When Jeff Bezos said to himself, "Gee, I'd like to sell some paperback books on the Internet", do you really think his garage started filling up with pallets of $100 dollar bills?

Back in 1976, when Steve Jobs teamed up with Steve Wozniak to start Apple Computers, he didn't say, "I think high school kids need an iPod."

He was kicked out of his own company in 1986, and wasn't invited back in until 1997, when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Both of those guys made significant improvements to their lives on a continuum timeline. 

They got kicked in the teeth, ridiculed, dismissed as wild-eyed idiots, and shunned.

But...they kept plugging away at their plan to make a better way for themselves...and it ended up working out fairly well.

You can do this, too. Count on it.

Brett Huron, 27, works in data storage in Billings MT. He said, "When I finally admitted to myself that my life wasn't working, I made the mistake of trying to improve everything at once. 

I wanted a more muscular body. I wanted more dates. I wanted to start my own online business. I wanted to make a bunch of money. I wanted to be less uptight around people. Geez...I even wanted better skin!

I went at everything real hard. I started getting up at 4:30am, just like Jocko Willink, the famous Navy SEAL.

I joined a CrossFit gym, and showed up every morning at 5:30am.

I started checking out 10 YouTube videos a day about making money online. I joined three different dating sites. I started journaling and meditating. I signed up for an online spiritual transformation/self-improvement course. I was trying to read one self-improvement book each week.

At the end of 8 weeks, I was burned out, frustrated...and had gotten a quadriceps injury from going to CrossFit every weekday, plus Saturday.

I was flipping nuts!

Finally, the light came on when my CrossFit coach said he only wanted to see me three mornings each week, and he only wanted to see me improve just 1% on some skill or weight each time. That's all.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he wanted me to stretch, do some foam rolling, and walk around a park near my house.

Saturdays, he said I could come in, but only to do skill work. NO workouts.

He asked me if I pushed myself in other areas as frantically as I did at the box. When I told him I did, we had an hour talk on the following Saturday that included his wife, a Counseling MA.

They told me how he was much the same way a couple of years ago, and hit the same wall as I had.

In that hour, I learned that I could dial it back on every category where I was attempting to make a significant Life-change, but still keep inching forward.

Striving for just a 1% improvement, each day, brought me more success than I ever could imagined."

If you want to make life-changes, you CANNOT do it wholesale. You can work on several different areas, but do so with the idea that you will gradually move forward each day.

1 percent improvement for men means you will charge ahead strongly, but will not redline yourself.

"It took me 11 years to become an overnight success"
~ Tom Selleck, star of Magnum PI and Blue Bloods

1 Percent Improvement For Men

A 1% improvement for men will take time and focused effort. You can do it! You can take 20 minutes each day to read something that will make you smarter or more skilled.

Making a 1% improvement in your life each day is much more manageable than trying to carve big chunks of growth out of each area. 

Don Winters, 37, from Bradenton FL, said, "Two years ago, after I went through a really heartbreaking divorce, I went full-bore into improving myself. 

The initial rush carried me for about six months before I hit a major league wall. I hit it hard. 

My life had turned into one big bed of over-commitment quicksand. I was working out every morning. I  was trying to read spiritual books, relationship books, handyman books. 

I was in two softball leagues, a racquetball league, and took classes at the Unity Church. Plus, I was going to singles dances on Friday nights, and country/western group dance lessons on Saturday nights.

I was actually running away from grieving the loss of my marriage. Finally, everything came to a dead stop.

I was not meeting any great new women. I wasn't remembering anything I was reading, much less applying it in real life. I was not getting any stronger. I was tired and irritated all the time.

My counselor finally reined me in. She got me to agree to working out only three mornings a week, and running or walking the other days. 

She made me chose to play in only one sports league.

She made me pick one book, and stay with it until I was done. (She suggested I start with Atomic Habits, by James Clear since it promoted the 1% improvement for men.)

She had me drop one of the classes at church.

The she gave me my 1% improvement goals. 

Physical: Just do one more rep on one exercise, each workout...or increase the weight by 2-1/2 pounds. When running, exert 1% more effort in the middle of my run. Stop worrying about the finishing time.

Reading: Read for just 20 minutes, but take notes. Re-read my notes in the morning and try to integrate one concept into my day.

Dances: Talk to two new women each time. Do not bring up my divorce. 

This simplified everything. I could now understand making 1% improvement. I could focus on something small, like this, knowing it was going to add-up down the road."

Atomic Habits is the great book by James Clear that promotes a 1 percent improvement for men each day.

1 Percent Improvement Is The Easiest way

You are looking to become the best version of yourself, and the easiest way to do that is by making a 1% improvement, each day.

You can stay focused. You can track improvement. You can see results

Author James Clear discussing the most vital points in his book Atomic Habits.

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