Rockaway Beach Oregon

Rockaway Beach is a little piece of paradise on the Oregon Coast.

A New Life In Rockaway Beach Oregon 

Rockaway Beach Oregon is paradise. This quiet little town on the northern Oregon Coast is defined by beauty, solitude, and a slow pace. No gas station. No stoplight. No McDonalds. 7 miles of super-wide tranquil beach. People visit Rockaway Beach to revitalize their spirit. I am fortunate enough to live here.

I made the move from St Petersburg FL back in the middle of May. I consider myself to me the luckiest person on the planet. I found a beautiful log home, 500 meters from the beach. I can jog there in 3 minutes.

This will be my home for eight months out of the year. The development I live in is made up of mostly weekend homes and vacation rentals. I rarely see any traffic during the spring. During June, July, and August, the most cars I've seen come by my house in a day is 14.

Pete Coates is full-time resident. He had this to say, "I started coming here to Nedonna Beach, from Atlanta GA, about 20 years ago. After the 10th year, my wife and I decided the pull of the Oregon Coast was just too strong.

Atlanta was becoming more congested. More smoggy. Hotter. More crime. It just didn't have the southern charm we were first infatuated with back in the late 70's.

We've been here 10 years, now. We live up on the hill. Yes, the winters can get real windy and there is daily rain during those months, but we both enjoy reading and I run a profitable online business.

We go out for breakfast on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and we are regulars at the Rockaway Beach Library. It is a real simple life that has added years to our spirits.

Rockaway Beach Oregon is peaceful, uncrowded, and unspoiled."

Peaceful Mornings In Rockaway Beach Oregon

The beach is deserted and peaceful in the mornings. An easy place to walk and give thanks. Rockaway Beach Oregon.

The main reason I moved to Rockaway Beach was for the pleasant, cool temperatures. It seemed like the older I got, the less I could deal with running and working out in the heat and humidity of Florida's Gulf Coast.

Cool breezes and temperatures in the 60's make this a paradise.

The second reason I moved here was the closeness of the beach. Every morning, before I run, I walk for about 45 minutes in almost complete quietness. I rarely see another person. The only sounds come from the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and a few calls from the shore birds.

It's easy to give thanks to God and the Universe when I'm walking smack in the middle of Paradise.

Ed Slone lives near me. He's 56, and a full-time resident.

He said, "I retired last year from the Civil Service in Baton Rouge LA. It was a great job, but my wife and I had been at it since we were 24. We have had blessed health and blessed careers. We wanted to come somewhere cool where the pace was much slower. 

Rockaway Beach has it all, as far as we are concerned. It's beautiful, it's clean, and it has wonderfully cool weather. We walk everyday, and lift weights for 30 minutes in the garage. We exercise together.

A couple of times each week, we'll drive up to Wanda's, in Nehalem for breakfast. It has great food, and it is just a nice, small-town diner.

This whole area has renewed our spirits. There is so much to be thankful for.

Rockaway Beach Oregon is like a sanctuary for your spirit."

Rockaway Beach Oregon Is Made For
Beach Walks

Rockaway Beach Oregon is made for nice walks on the beach.

Rockaway Beach extends for 7 miles. The little section where I live, called Nedonna Beach, is about a 2-mile stretch. Walking and beach combing are big here.

I always go early, just before the sun comes up. I like to walk and give thanks for everything I see. It has made a huge difference in my life. Truly, this easy 45 minutes before I run and workout gives me a productive mindset for the rest of the day.

Looking South Rockaway Beach Oregon Coast.

Jack LeVaughn (69) is another friend of mine, he walks several times a day, as do many residents of Rockaway Beach. 

He said, "The beach is the perfect place to walk because you get to see all of the beauty of the Universe. Mountains, beach, tall trees, people enjoying each's all right there

I believe in the Law Of Attraction, which parallels the scripture, "As you sow, so shall you reap." (Galatians 6:7)

Thinking good thoughts, extending kindness to everyone, and living your life by the Golden Rule sets you up to experience even more goodness in your life.

Walking on the beach, here in Rockaway, seems to magnify that." 

Suzy Johnson (37) comes to Rockaway Beach with her husband and children several times during the summer.

"My husband and I both have STEM jobs. They are exciting, we have a lot of autonomy, but the pace can be frantic. When I come here, I want to walk on the beach at least twice a day.

We took a chance and purchased a home in the Nedonna Beach neighborhood. We use it as an AirBnB place to cover the mortgage. It works out great!

We rent it out in two-week segments. When we drive over from Eugene to clean up, we just book ourselves for a week. Walking the beach before I start 3-hours of mopping and vacuuming is a must. Plus, our big dog loves to come with me.

We spend a whole day cleaning, then do laundry the next. After that, it is all about refreshing our spirits. Reading and walking on the beach are the two activities I really look forward to.

Rockway Beach Oregon is such a peaceful place. We have beautiful trails and parks in Eugene, but they do not compare to the revitalizing effect of the beach.

This place makes it so easy to write in my gratitude journal. I can't wait until we move here full-time."

Rockaway Beach Oregon Is Quiet

Rockaway Beach Oregon is quiet.

Quietness is what I notice most in Rockaway Beach. In a town of 1300, you are not going to have much noise from jackhammers, frustrated drivers at intersections, huge jet airliners flying over, or ambulances responding to bad collisions.

Truly, the biggest sound I hear throughout the day is the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, and I live about 500 meters from the beach.

I start and end the day on my front porch. In the morning, I do some stretches and push-ups before I take my daily walk on the beach.

I give thanks for the beautiful place where I live and the opportunities that will come to me throughout the day.

In the evening, I can read a cowboy book or a helpful spiritual book out here, and it helps make for a restful sleep.

A foggy day on Rockaway Beach Oregon is a peaceful way to refresh your spirit.

Some days, the beach is real foggy, and this seems to increase the quietness. 

Jean Hazelton (42) is a travel writer and photographer living in Rockaway Beach. She said, "For some reason, when it is deathly hot over in the Willamette Valley (Portland - Salem -Eugene) and I'm talking 100˚ hot, it gets real foggy over here on the coast.

I love walking in these peaceful clouds. I grab my favorite sweatshirt, roust my Golden Retriever out of his comfortable bed, and head for the beach...or one of the parks.

It's so refreshing to my spirit to be out here. It's like walking in Heaven. I might see other people out here, but they appear as friendly animated shadows."

The peacefulness and beauty of Phyllis Baker Park in Rockaway Beach Oregon is revitalizing to the spirit.

Ed Houser is a young guy (34) who runs an online business from his kitchen table. He said, "The quietness and the cool Oregon Coast air are tremendously revitalizing to me. 

I go over to Phyllis Baker Park in downtown Rockaway Beach, and take my basketball and a novel. I'm usually all by myself. Once in awhile, some high school guys will show up to shoot around, but that's rare. It seems like we come at different times.

I can decompress and revitalize after a few hours of creating webpages. My wife will join me some of the time. Fortunately, there is no WiFi in the park, so I don't have anything motivating me to bring my laptop.

We can pack a small picnic basket. Grab our books, and spend two nice hours all by ourselves in a beautiful setting.

About six months ago, we even read a book together. It was called 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage. It was outstanding. I've been working real hard to get out of my laptop world, and communicate in a more mindful way with Brenda.

Making a lot of money is nice, but I want to be a major force in making her spirit soar.

The quietness and beauty of Rockaway Beach Oregon seemed to amplify the healing changes I was trying to make."

Some people just enjoy the peacefulness and meditative qualities of watching the ocean. Rockaway Beach Oregon provides a wealth of opportunities.

The quietness of Rockaway Beach appeals to almost all visitors and residents. The Rockaway Beach Wayside provides benches that overlook the Pacific.

Early in the morning, you can find those who enjoy the healing energy of just watching the waves cascade across the shoreline. It's almost meditative.

Peacefulness, beauty, and the clean revitalizing energy of Nature define Rockaway Beach Oregon. It is a hidden resource to refresh your spirit.

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