Refresh Your Spirit

We all need spiritual destinations that are peaceful and healing.

All Of Us Need To Revitalize

Refresh your spirit.

Thank you for coming to our site. It is important to revitalize and refresh your spirit on a continuing basis. Building a strength in spirit, and faith in God/The Universe can catapult you light years ahead of your present station in Life.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11 ~ NIV)

It is also imperative to revitalize your spirit when going through tough times.

A painful break-up, loss of a job, addictions, the death of someone close, or overwhelming debt can become anchors of discouragement that can easily trigger depression.

It is our intent to provide you simple spiritual resources to help replenish, stimulate, give Hope or help you heal.

They may come in simple activities that rebalance you through releasing tensions and judgements that are toxic to your spirit.

They may come in the form of places to visit, that are peaceful, beautiful, and a great inspiration for prayer.

They may come in the form of books, CD's, or DVD's that we have found helpful.

And, they may come in the form of products we have used to help us earn a substantial profit online. These earnings allow us to travel and find new places for self-renewal.

These can help you reach financial goals you never thought possible as you continue to get stronger.

Revitalize Your Spirit Through Prayers For Forgiveness

Refresh your spirit by forgiving yourself.

I once heard Marianne Williamson say, "If there is some kind of block in one area of your life, it probably means there is an unforgiveness in another area."

I truly believe this. Forgiveness has brought me more peace than any other thing I have done to help me refresh my spirit.

Forgiving someone who has harmed us, ambushed us, betrayed us, or abandoned us is extremely difficult to even start.

However, once you commit to praying everyday, for their happiness, your life will change in ways you cannot even imagine.

You will find, in the end, that it is impossible to hate someone you are praying for...and your spirit will be replenished.

Please watch the short video below as Marianne Williamson explains this to Oprah.

Revitalize Your Spirit By Forgiving

The benefits of prayer are well documented. They help us heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When you feel the need to revitalize your spirit, praying for in forgiving a key component of your life management toolkit.

We have all made horrendous mistakes. Some that shamed ourselves, some that really hurt others...yet there is no need to continually punish ourselves by slogging through a life of suffering and self-imposed misery.

Dr Fred Luskin, director of The Forgiveness Project at Stanford University, said, "Remember the saying, 'For everything there is a season'? Well, there's a season for our suffering and regret. We have to have that. But the season ends; the world moves on. And we need to move on with it." 

You can revitalize your spirit through prayer and forgiving yourself.

When you pray to forgive yourself, you set into motion God's deep-cleaning suds to remove toxic shame. It is a cleansing that reaches your your heart on many different levels.

God has no need to punish you for a lifetime. It does not serve you, and it certainly does not serve Him. He wants you to live a prosperous and bountiful life.

Remember, in the story with the adulterous woman in John 8:11? Jesus DID NOT put unbearable demands on her by saying, "Stop sinning, and I will forgive you."


He said, "I forgive you. Now go and sin no more." And this is how we must be with ourselves.

Jesus saw no need to punish her further. He did not provide her a way out by making forgiveness a reward for good behavior.

He said he did not condemn her, and to just knock off that kind of behavior. He believed in her, and acknowledged that she was valuable to him.

We revitalize our own spirit when we pray for the toxins and spiritual sludge to be removed from whatever crevices we have stuffed them in...and forgive ourselves for making a home for them.

Nothing beneficial will come from us condemning ourselves.

Refresh Your Spirit Through Travel

Giving thanks to God, being grateful, brings much goodness to our lives.

Travel can have a wonderful effect on revitalizing your spirit. You do not have to go to anyplace exotic. There are plenty of quiet, peaceful places in your own city.

Many of them can be found in local parks, especially early in the morning, or just before sunset.

I call St Petersburg FL my home base. I love the winters in this beautiful city sandwiched between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

There are many parks and quiet places to reflect on God/The Universe. I will provide you with pictures and content as my site expands.

If you come to visit St Pete, I want you to know where you can go for some peaceful time with the Creator.

I will also provide you with insight on my travels, the places I stay during the summer, so that I can refresh my own spirit away from the heat and humidity of Florida's Gulf Coast.

One thing I try to do is talk to people when I visit different places. I hope to get telling observations from them, that will help make your own visits more meaningful.

I promise to interview them and provide you their first-hand account of the area we're discussing.

I will, also, try to get book recommendations from them that will help you on your inner journey.

I recently purchased a log home in Rockaway Beach on the beautiful Oregon Coast. This will be my summer home base.

Rockaway Beach is a sleepy, small coastal town without a gas station, a stoplight, or a McDonald's. However, it is extremely peaceful and beautiful. 

It's the perfect place to revitalize your spirit on a daily basis. I am thankful that I have found a great financial resource in creating my own online business.


Refresh Your Spirit With Natural Food

Clean eating enhances your vitality. Eating natural foods is best for your body.

Diet plays an important role in the way you view Life. Sadly, we have been mislead badly by shoddy science, so-called medical experts with more ego that intelligence, and government officials who fail to examine research.

Many who are overweight suffer silently with shame about their appearance. To make matters worse, they are seen as lazy and having no self-discipline.

Having your spirit busted up because you have been following the idiotic, "Eat low-fat foods, and more whole grains" mantra for the past 20+ years is criminal.

** Burn this into your brain: It is the sugar and the high-carb diet based on grains, (especially wheat), we follow that is killing your spirit...and killing your body.

Research has shown that a diet of high-fat (good fats), medium protein, and low-carbohydrates is the magic key to losing belly fat and becoming healthy.

I will discuss this more thoroughly in other posts, but for now, you will best be served by choosing one (or all) of these ground-breaking books to read:

Wheat Belly - by Dr William Davis

Grain Brain - by Dr David Perlmutter

Death By Food Pyramid - by Denise Minger

Wild Diet - by Abel James

Eat natural foods to help refresh your spirit.

You will be astounded at what you learn, how badly you have been fooled, and how quickly you can become 100% more healthy.

Just do a simple experiment for me.

The next time you are at the mall, the grocery, or the airport...take just five minutes, and observe the people who walk by.

It will shock you to see how many people are overweight...and look tired, unhappy, and discouraged.

Do you really think this how God/The Universe wants us to live our lives???


You can refresh your spirit, and achieve glowing health simply by making a lifestyle change to nourish your body with natural foods.

You do NOT have to workout for hours. You do NOT have to join CrossFit. You do NOT have to survive on minimal calories.

All you have to do is eat food that God makes...NOT industrial food-processing complexes.

I did can you.

The best program we have found for safe and significant weight-loss is the Custom Keto Diet. It is backed by scientific research. It is easy to understand. It gets results.

Refresh Your Spirit Through Movement

Moving your body, especially out in Nature, is really beneficial to refresh your spirit.

One of the best ways to revitalize your spirit is through movement.

This can take all different forms. It can be as subtle as a 20-minute session of Tai Chi, or as fire-breathing as a class at a CrossFit gym.

If intense, structured exercise does not fit for you, there are other ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

It can be a peaceful walk on a local hiking trail, or through a nice city park. It can be 20 minutes of riding a stationary bike, followed by 10 minutes of yoga-influenced stretching in your own home.

If you are competitive, you can get a good workout playing fun games like pickle ball or racquetball.

Ideally, any routine you decide upon will include elements of

-- Continuous movement for at least 30 minutes
-- Flexibility movements (stretching, yoga)
-- Strength (weight training, body weight movements)


* Please, before you start any kind of movement or exercise program, schedule a complete check-up with your doctor. Tell him exactly what you plan to do. 


Movement, especially movement done outside in Nature benefits you on a variety of levels. It not only improves your physical functionality, its also enhances your mental outlook, and helps ground you emotionally.

Erin Casey (64) is a retired nurse from Chicago, who now lives in beautiful Brookings OR. She said, "When I retired, I made a promise to myself that I would be better to myself. I would take better care of my body, mind, and spirit.

I made a plan to start out with just a little improvement in each area, each day. I figured if I made just 1 percent improvement, each day, I would be a completely different person a year from when I started.

My wellness/fitness program started out with me doing some easy stretches, two sets of 5 regular men's push-ups, and a 30-minute walk on the beach.

I did that for a month straight. It was not overwhelming, and it really helped me shoot for doing more. 

In month 2, I ratcheted my walk time up to 45 minutes, and included some arm-hangs on the monkey bars at the park near the beach.

The time passed quickly because I was learning so much from the audio books and podcasts I listened to on my headphones.

I listened to a book called the Paleo Thyroid Solution that really opened my eyes. I scheduled a full blood panel, following the author's (Elle Russ) suggestions to the letter.

It all now was making sense why my body had not been functioning correctly all those years I tried to diet. My spirit had been diminished for decades.

Adding some weight training to your exercise routine will help you burn fat and put on some lean muscle. Your spirit will be revitalized the better you feel about your body image.

I also changed my diet to eating only natural foods, and drinking water instead of juices or soda.

In those first two months, with just some simple alterations in my lifestyle. I lost 14 pounds, and two inches of fat off both my waist and hips.

I was stunned. My spirit was soaring!

During the next 6 months, I added in some pull-ups at the park (I can now do three full pull-ups!) a few segments of running during my beach walk, and some weightlifting and kettlebell swings in my garage.

During the winter (extremely rainy) months I follow the Cinderella Solution. It's an amazing home workout program.

Without even trying, I lost 17 more pounds in those six months. When I look in the mirror, after showering, I see a completely different woman.

I look almost athletic. It's both pleasing...and baffling. All I did was make some graduated lifestyle changes, and it has completely refreshed my spirit."

Refresh Your Spirit With Mindful Presence

Become mindful to help you refresh your spirit.

The optimal way to refresh your spirit is to become mindful. Be fully engaged with what is going on both inside of you, and outside of you.

It's impossible to do this for long segments of the day, but you can take 1-2 minutes whenever you need it, to intentionally focus on the present moment, and not get caught up in things chasing you from the past, or being fearful of the future.

Do your best to connect with uplifting people, seek a positive environment, and engage in revitalizing activities that serve you on a variety of levels.

Thank you for visiting our site. We wish you a lifetime of blessings from the Universe.

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