What Makes Keto The Best Diet For
Women's Brain Health?

The best diet for brain health, especially for women, is the Keto diet.

The Ketogenic diet, is easily the best diet for women's brain health. It not only protects the brain from cognitive decline and mental health issues, it also boosts healthy brain aging.

Get sugar foods, highly-processed carbs, and dangerous vegetable oils OUT! The Keto diet is the right diet.

Sadly, women's brain health is probably the least-studied, under-researched, and most misinformed topic in present-day medicine.

On the plus side, however, is that research has shown positive lifestyle changes...especially in the areas of nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep...are far safer and better tolerated than treatment with medication.

Dawn Hudson (36) works as a detective on Florida's Gulf Coast, she said, "I was fortunate to have a friend I went to college with, who kept going and became a physician, specializing in neurology.

She is making it her life's work to learn more about the female brain, and why women are so much more susceptible to contracting Alzheimer's disease, than men."

In the next three minutes, 3 people will develop Alzheimer’s. Two of them will be women.”

~ Dr Lisa MosconiAssociate Director of the Weill Cornell Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic

"She turned me on to cleaning up my diet, and eating the best nutrition possible. She, also, pointed me toward a great book, XX Brain, by Dr Lisa Mosconi, and a research-based diet, to give my brain it's best chance of beating Alzheimer's in the years to come.

The health of our brains is paramount.

I've always been fortunate with my weight, and my body...but genetics can only take you so far.

The jokes they make about police officers living off donuts...believe it! Our break room is filled with them, everyday.

I got in the habit of having one while I was buried in studying evidence reports. Pretty soon, I was having 3-4 a day.

Two fortunate things happened: One, I did not put on much extra weight. Only about 10 lbs. And, two, my friend the doctor, made it real clear that sugar and products made with industrial seed oils...like donuts...are lethal to brain cell structure and function.

Starting a Ketogenic diet was one of the smartest lifestyle changes I have ever made. I dropped those 10 lbs, and an additional 7, in just six weeks.

Plus, my thinking is much more clear.  My memory and concentration are stronger. I know my cognitive functioning is better.

Now, I specifically search for the best brain foods. Better brain health means less risk of cognitive decline, less risk for neurodegenerative diseases.

I am a great disciple for promoting the Keto diet as the best diet for women's brain health."

The Best Diet For Brain Health Is Easy
To Understand And Start 

A Ketogenic diet is the best diet for women's brain health.

The three best things about a Ketogenic diet are:

1. It is easy to understand. You will be getting sugar foods, highly-processed foods loaded with carbs, and dangerous industrial seed oils completely out of your diet.

The Keto diet is the best diet for women's brain health, and weight loss.

Your nutrition will now focus on eating a total of only 25 grams - 50 grams of carbs, per day, as compared with the normal 300+ grams most people eat, and you will be eating more high-quality fats for energy.

Fat does NOT make you fat!

2. The Keto diet is easy to follow. You only eat what comes out of the ground, what grows on trees, or you have to hunt it down. That's it.

Things that come packaged, and have a nutrition label on them are out!

3. The Ketogenic diet gets results! You will lose tons of unwanted fat, and you will protect the aging of your brain from cognitive decline.

The Keto diet is the best diet for brain health because it increases your confidence and self-esteem when you successfully lose so much weight, and because it increases sub-cellular regeneration, instead of robbing women's brains of their vitality.

If you want to start your Ketogenic diet, right now, we recommend The Custom Keto Diet as the easiest way to begin.

 "The female brain and women’s brain health, is one of the most under-researched, under-diagnosed and underrated fields in medicine. Women's brain health remains one of the most underrepresented and unspoken concerns, one that is constantly glossed over."

 ~ Dr Lisa Mosconi, Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College,

Keto: The Best Diet For Brain Health Is Also The Best Diet For Fat Loss

The Keto diet is the best diet for weight loss and women's brain health.

One huge plus of following a science-based nutritional program, like the Custom Keto Diet, is that not only will you be taking the most valuable step in preventing cognitive decline, you will also see significant fat loss.

Women who follow a Ketogenic diet of low-carbs, moderate protein, and high good-fats (nuts, avocado, wild fish, olive oil) will lose measurable amounts of body fat, naturally and safely.

Judith Hillaire (43) runs her own online supplement consulting service from her home in Weeki Wachee FL said, "I feel so fortunate that I found the Ketogenic diet. I had watched a video with Dr Lori Shemek and it made so much sense.

Eating low-carb, natural foods are so important for brain health, as women age, but that type of eating plan also blow torches fat from your body."

"When you follow a Ketogenic eating plan, you get sugar foods, high-carb processed foods, and those disgusting seed oils out of your diet.

You will give up foods like pizza, breads, pasta, waffles, pancakes, and donuts...that taste really delicious...but are not only destroying brain cell structure, but also setting you up for Type 2 diabetes            

You will eat all natural foods. You can eat as much lettuce and leafy green vegetables as you want. You can eat as many turkey breasts as you want.

These foods are good for your brain! A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, protein, and healthy fats are brain-boosting foods.

They are linked to healthy brain aging, linked to improved memory, and they reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

You can eat berries and dark chocolate. These are specific foods that improve your brain health and brain function. They are foods that boost anti-oxidants and are linked to the reduced risk of cancer.

You only eliminate foods that come in boxes, cans, or sacks with a nutritional label on them. You will eliminate fried foods, and also, so-called whole grains...unhealthy foods that damage the brain.

There is NOTHING harsh about the Ketogenic eating plan. 

Yes, there is a strategy for intermittent fasting, if you choose to do that, but it is NOT a starvation-centered approach, at all. You can do it while you sleep!

In nine months on the Ketogenic diet, I lost 31 pounds of flab.

The only exercise I did was walk twice a day for 45 minutes each. I played audio books on my headset, and got a LOT more informed about a variety of subjects.

So, just from eating a Keto diet, I was getting smarter, getting more lean, and following the best diet for brain health that I possibly could."

The Best Diet For Brain Health Does NOT
Include Industrial Cooking Oils!

Industrial seed oils are lethal to women's brain health. Do NOT cook with these. Do NOT eat foods that have these as an ingredient.

Industrial seed oils are even more destructive to the female brain than sugar foods. In the past 5 years, there has been increasing research into the damaging effects on brain cells from so-called "healthy" vegetable oils.

We now know, these industry-created oils, that are highly processed with petroleum products, bleached, and then have coloring added...are the major contributors of plaque build-up in the brain.

The reason the Keto diet is the best diet for brain health is because ALL fats consumed come from natural products.

"Industrial seed oils are particularly harmful to the brain. A high omega-6-to-omega-3 fatty acid ratio predisposes individuals to depressionanxiety, cognitive decline, and dementia." ~ Chris Kresser M.S.

The Most Harmful Vegetable Oils For Women's
Brain Health

Just remember...3 C's and 3 S's

  1. Canola Oil
  2. Corn Oil
  3. Cottonseed Oil
  1. Soy Oil
  2. Safflower Oil
  3. Sunflower Oil

Then add in these two:

Grapeseed Oil
Rice Bran Oil

These toxic vegetable oils are silently damaging women's brain cells. Get them OUT of your diet immediately. Start cooking with real butter, virgin olive oil, and avocado oil.

These are all high in omega-3 fatty acids, and reduce the oxidative stress at the cellular level. The help protect your brain. They keep your brain healthy.

It doesn't matter if you don't want to access The Custom Keto Diet. Please get these lethal products COMPLETELY OUT of your present diet.

Thank you for taking time to consider this important topic. Women's brain health deserves far more attention than it has received.

You can be proactive. You can take command of your aging destiny. If you are in your 30's or 40's, you will be far ahead of the field when you enter you 60's.

Start a Ketogenic diet now. It is the best diet for brain health.

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