Going Keto:The Best Diet To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

The best diet for preventing Alzheimer's disease is a low-carb Ketogenic diet.

The best diet to prevent Alzheimer's disease is the Ketogenic diet. This low-carb, plant-based eating plan is endorsed by scientists, research physicians, and neurologists as vital to brain health.

Dr David Perlmutter, neurosurgeon and best-selling author of Grain Brain said, "Thankfully, we can prevent the onset of Alzheimer's just by taking charge of our lifestyle choices. They are so simple: embrace a Ketogenic diet, and buy a pair of sneakers."

Sadly, women contract Alzheimer's at a rate of over 2x that of men. Of the close to 6 million victims of this insidious disease, more than 4 million of them are women.

The best nutritional program we have found to help prevent Alzheimer's, is the Custom Keto Diet.

Sandy Jefferies, 41, is a teacher in Salem OR. She said, "I lost my grandmother, my mother, and an aunt to Alzheimer's disease. I swore to myself that I would find out what the link was, and do my best to break it for myself.

One obvious thing was that all of them were overweight, and rarely moved off the couch. They all resisted even walking for their health.

The other factor that harmed them was they all ate way too many sugar foods, and too much high-carb processed foods.

Their days started with a breakfast of Cheerios, cinnamon rolls, or worse, Toast 'Em Pop Ups. Sometimes, they'd even have a slice of pizza from the night before.

They skipped lunch, but snacked on cookies, pretzels, and chips.

Dinner was always something with large amounts of bread, margarine, and spaghetti or pasta.

Plus, they would stay up late, and continue watching pathetic reality shows...and snack even more.

I felt helpless as I watched them gain more weight each year, succumb to the destructiveness of Type 2 Diabetes, then finally have Alzheimer's rob them of their lives.

It could have all been avoided simply by making dedicated changes in their lifestyle choices.

Nutrition was the first thing I told myself I would focus on. The more I read about the Keto diet, in books like Grain Brain or in online articles, the more I realized it could save me from experiencing the same fate.

I found a great program online, and purchased it. It has made all of the difference in the world to both my mental well-being, and body transformation.

The best diet to prevent Alzheimer's disease in the Keto diet. It is low-carb, easy to understand, and it gets proven results."

The Custom Keto Diet ia all natural foods which help you lose weight, and protect your brain functioning.

"The brain is the one organ most vulnerable to the ravages of a poor diet. What we eat is a powerful epigenetic lever for switching hundreds of thousands of genes, on and off, which can help minimize women's genetic risk of developing a mind-destroying disease like Alzheimer's." 

Dr Lisa Mosconi - Associate Director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at Weill College.

"The 2nd commitment I made to myself was to get consistent, daily exercise. All you need is a pair of sneakers, and just walk!

I started out by walking 45 minutes in the morning. Three months later, after I had lost 25 lbs, I added in an evening walk of 30 minutes.

Three months later, I had dropped another 15 pounds, and was wearing size 4 jeans. I started lifting weights, hanging on a pull-up bar, and doing air squats, everyday.

I've also changed from using olive oil on my salad, to spraying it with a combination of MCT Oil and avocado oil.

I feel so much better. My thoughts are far more positive. My processing skills seem to have gotten faster. 

It's easy to understand why the best diet to prevent Alzheimer's is the Ketogenic diet."

Women Have Found The Best Diet To Prevent Alzheimer's Is Low Carb and NO Sugar!

The best diet to prevent Alzheimer’s is one with no sugar, and extremely low carbs.

When women begin a carb-restrictive diet, and increase their good-fat intake, the pounds start coming off automatically.

Their levels of blood sugar are significantly reduced. They no longer pump out quarts of fat-storing insulin, and they feel fuller much longer, which leads to fewer calories being consumed.

Sugar foods and high-carbohydrate processed foods are seriously destructive to women's hair, skin, internal organs, and most frightening...their brain.

Foods full of carbs taste delicious. They are mouth-watering, and that is where the danger lies. Sugar foods and high-carb processed foods have an almost addictive quality about them.

It's easy to mindlessly eat handfuls of granola, or OD on a box of Vanilla Wafers when your mind is spinning with responsibilities and problems.

One more reason why the Custom Keto Diet is the best diet to prevent Alzheimer's is because it forces you to stay present, and be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

Not only does a Ketogenic program provide women's brains with optimal fuel for repair and re-nourishment, it also forces you to be an active cognitive participant in how you generate that fuel.

In the next three minutes, 3 people will develop Alzheimer’s. Two of them will be women.”

~ Dr Lisa MosconiAssociate Director of the Weill Cornell Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic

Nina Lecoi (38) runs her own online business in Manzanita Oregon. She said, "As little as two years ago, I was completely sabotaging my body and my brain. Fortunately, I watched a YouTube video featuring neurologist, Dr David Perlmutter, and it scared me to death!

Women have twice the chance of contracting Alzheimer's disease as men. I knew, as I was heading toward age 40, that it could possibly be in my future.

What I did not know was that I could elevate my health, and combat contracting that insidious disease by making some responsible changes to my diet, and start getting consistent exercise.

Dr Perlmutter stated that the Ketogenic diet is the best diet to prevent Alzheimer's. By getting rid of sugar foods, and those man-made industrial seed oils (like Canola, corn oil, and safflower just to name a few) I could not only lose fat, but I could mount a significant defense against cognitive decline.

Let me tell you, it was a hard change to make. I was so addicted to the yummy taste of glaze donuts, rich ice cream, and boutique breads that I thought I would go nuts.

My first two months, I rarely went more that 2-3 days on the Keto nutrition plan, before I relapsed back into eating cookies or desserts.

I did not not lose any weight the first two months because I did not commit. It took finding out that one of my older sister's high school friends had contracted Alzheimer's, and she was only 42!

I told myself I was going to die if I continued being overweight, and completely negligent about protecting my brain health.

I read all I could, and purchased a scientific-backed program online. I followed it to the letter! I committed to walking for 30 minutes, twice a day.

In my 2nd round of three months, I lost 15 lbs, and I never once felt hungry.

I started drinking more water, and extending my walks to 45 minutes each. Plus, I found out I had gotten stronger, and could walk further...and faster!

At the 6-month mark, I had lost a total of 26 lbs. "

The Best Diet To Prevent Alzheimer’s Must Include
Daily, Consistent Exercise

"Because of the pandemic, I could not join a gym, so I purchased a kettlebell, and some dumbbells, and added 20 minutes of weight training to my day.

I continued to follow my Keto diet to the letter.

I had NO cheat days.

I didn't want one, after hearing about my sister's close friend, and how Alzheimer's continued to degrade her life

At the 9-month mark, I had lost a total of 36 pounds. The walking and weight training helped me me look more toned than I ever though possible.

At my 1-year anniversary date, I blew past my goal and had lost a grand total of 47 lbs. I looked like a completely different woman. I felt like a completely different woman.

I was more athletic-looking, I wore size 4 jeans, and my mental processing had improved significantly.

I read a book by Dr Lisa Mosconi, called XX Brain. In it she recommended that women get a brain scan at age 40, so I will have my primary physician refer me to an MRI imaging facility.

I have sugar foods completely out of my diet, now. I limit my carb intake to about 50-75 grams per day. Most of those come from berries and dense starch foods like yams or a sweet potato.

I have no idea how my body would react if I ate a Dunkin' Donut, right now. Yikes! It's scary just to think of how much I was harming my brain.

If you are looking for the best diet to prevent Alzheimer's disease, the Ketogenic diet is your savior."

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