What Makes The Custom Keto Diet
Popular With Women?

The Custom Keto Diet is popular with women because it works!

Why is the Custom Keto Diet popular with women? Because it works! Women lose weight naturally, and are protected from developing Alzheimer's and Type 2 diabetes. Their risk for acquiring these two insidious diseases is significantly reduced.

The Custom Keto Diet program is a low-carbohydrate/high fat eating plan. It is NOT a conventional short-term weight loss diet.

This program is for women who are seeking to empower their physical health, and more importantly their brain health, with a positive lifestyle change.

"The brain is the one organ most vulnerable to the ravages of a poor diet. What we eat is a powerful epigenetic lever for switching hundreds of thousands of genes, on and off, which can help minimize women's genetic risk of developing a mind-destroying disease like Alzheimer's." 

Dr Lisa Mosconi - Associate Director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at Weill College.

Natural Fat Loss Makes The Custom Keto Diet
Popular With Women

Natural fat loss, that done without dangerous drugs, makes the Custom Keto Diet popular with women.

The biggest draw for women to the Custom Keto Diet is that it gets results by eating natural foods.

Sugar foods, refined grains, and processed, high-glycemic foods are cmpletely eliminated from your diet. Products made with wheat are eliminated from your diet. Dangerous seed oils are eliminated from your diet.

There is nothing phony about a Ketogenic diet.

Dr Lori Shemek, best-selling author of several books on weight-loss, said, "In the Ketogenic Diet, you will be burning fat instead of carbohydrates. You will be following a researched-based eating plan that is backed by science. You will feel full with much less food intake." 

You will be eating only foods produced by Mother Nature. Those foods will come off trees, out of the ground, or you will have to chase it down. 

No more will you be eating processed food packaged in boxes, cartons, bags, or cans.

No more will you be eating foods with nutrition labels printed on the wrapping.

You will NOT be eating your favorite high-carb pastries, desserts, or pastas any more. (Of course, you are going to be losing fat each week, and protecting your brain, so that's a great tradeoff!)

Carbohydrates spike blood sugar, which spikes insulin production.

The carb volume becomes so high, that you become insulin-resistant and cannot bleed-off the blood sugar. 

Calories are stored as fat. A swell of blood sugar circulates freely in your body, destroying cell walls, and stealthily damaging organs...including your brain, as the years go by. 

On a Ketogenic diet, which is carbohydrate-restricted, you will be eating more good fats, and a little more protein, each meal, which will keep you feeling full throughout the day.

The Custom Keto Diet plan is popular with women because:
* There is NO starvation.
* There are NO dangerous drugs.
* There is NO annoying recording of everything you ate.
* There is NO military/boot camp harsh workouts.

Joan Hazelette, a nurse from Newport OR said, "I got on the Custom Keto Diet program because it tied everything together for me. 

I checked-out several different books from the Newport Library to get the answers I was seeking as a beginner to following a Ketogenic  plan. I was also taking notes on YouTube videos.

I was learning a lot, and integrating Keto principles into my eating, but it was cumbersome. I had to take notes, just to keep things straight in my head. I had a separate recipe notebook. 

It was a hassle. I was always flipping through my spiral notebook to find the one piece of info I needed.

A good friend of mine, who is a police office in town, told me about the Custom Keto Diet, and why it was so popular with women our age.

She said it was inexpensive (only $39) and it was digital, so she could refer to info on her phone, whenever she needed.

This made sense to me, so I purchased it.

In just 3 months, I have lost 22 lbs. Plus, I am never hungry. I never have cravings. I'm drinking way more water, which is great for my body and brain, and I'm insuring my health for when I hit menopause 20 years from now."

The Custom Keto Diet Is Popular With Women Because It Reduces Their Risk For Developing Alzheimer's 

The Custom Keto Diet program is popular with women because their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease is significantly reduced.

Losing unattractive fat is wonderful, but the most important reason the Custom Keto Diet is so popular with women is because it reduces their risk of developing Alzheimer's significantly.

"The worst affliction facing humanity is Alzheimer's, and it affects women twice as much as it does men. Everything we've been doing up to now has NOT been working. It's time that the medical profession starts accepting that sugar screws up energy pathways to the brain." 

~ Dr Dale Bredesen, best-selling author, The End of Alzheimer's

The Standard American Diet contains close to 300 grams of carbohydrate each day. Sugar foods, and foods made from refined wheat make up the majority of of this delicious...but almost poisonous intake of non-nutritious food.

On the Custom Keto Diet, women will take in closer to 50 grams of carbs, and these will come directly from plants...dark green vegetables, berries, and maybe a little bit of fruit during the week.

Sugar foods, refined grains, margarine, and industrial seed oils are the most severe threats to a woman's brain health. They are consumed in high quantities, everyday, and most women do not even notice. 

Many of the ones that do, try to fool themselves by saying, "Well, I just eat everything in moderation." This fallacy has brought more harm than health to women's brains.

Jill Andrews (37) runs her own eBook business in Coos Bay OR. Before that, she was an ER nurse.

She said, "I have a medical background. Before I started my own business, I saw hundreds of women brought into the ER suffering from trauma related to Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. It was frightening. I quit when I was 35 because I did NOT want to end ups like that at 60.

I was medicating the stress of the ER with poor food choices. It's like I never met a carbohydrate I didn't like.

I picked up a copy of Dr Lisa Mosconi's book, The XX Brain at the bookstore. Just reading the Forward by Maria Shriver and then the Introduction by Dr Mosconsi literally scared the breakfast out of me.

She is way ahead of any other research neurologist. Women's brain function is the most under-addressed, under-researched aspect in out healthcare system. 

For so long we have depended on male doctors for correct answers and they didn't have a clue! That book took all the blood out of my stomach.

Here's something else 99% of the population doesn't know: It takes almost 20 years...and sometimes 30 years, for solid, research-based medical interventions to become standard practices for family doctors.

Right now, there is glaring evidence that the standard high-carb American diet, combined with the polyunsaturated fats in those disgusting industrial seed oils and margarine, are literally destroying women's brains as we age toward menopause. 

Yet, because conventional doctors are so entrenched in what they were taught in medical school 20 years ago, they are NOT providing women with crucial dietary information that can help them.

I made the commitment to follow a Ketogenic diet plan.

I committed to getting all of those so-called delicious foods out of my diet.

It doesn't bother me that I will never eat another scoop of ice cream, again. I won't miss the Triple Fudge cake, either.

Because the Custom Keto Diet is so popular with women, I purchased it.

I figured if it was full of idiotic diet-guru promises or was not backed by science, I'd just ask for a full refund. It had a 60-day guarantee., so I was not too worried.

A price of $39 was not that big of a deal. I was spending that much on ice cream, and pastries each month.

I needn't have worried. It's been a fabulous program.

I've lost 25 lbs since last year, and I've kept it off.  My only exercise is walking 45 minutes each morning, and 45 minutes at night. I throw in some push-ups and hanging from a pull-up bar at the park about twice a week, but that's it.

A Ketogenic diet is the key to losing body fat, and elevating a woman's brain health."

The Custom Keto Diet Is Popular with Women 
Because It Makes Sense

The Custom Keto Diet plan is popular with women because it makes sense.

The Custom Keto Diet program is backed by tons of peer-reviewed scientific research.

More and more, young family practitioners are recommending a Ketogenic diet to older patients who are presenting symptoms of declining cognitive skills, runaway blood sugar issues, thyroid dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and heart disease.

An eating plan that eliminates sugar foods, refined grains, and misleading industrial seed oils can only help women achieve optimal health

The Custom Keto Diet is popular with women because it is science-based, functional, simple to grasp, protects women's brain health, and it gets fat-loss results, naturally!

Click here to gain access to the Custom Keto Diet.

Start Your Ketogenic Lifestyle With The Anti-Inflammation Smoothie From Dr Lori Shemek, PhD

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