Morning Walk Tips

Morning walk tips to improve your day and refresh your spirit.

Morning walk tips to help you create a habit that will enhance your life and refresh your spirit. Tips for a morning walk to benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

This is one of the easiest and most beneficial health habits you can form. A morning walk is one of the best ways to put you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

In addition, walking is by far the most common form of exercise to help women prevent contracting Alzheimer's disease.

Being out in the natural world can elevate you senses and your mood. You become more alert and you connect with Nature. 

It has been well-documented that the outdoors can help increase your health, and your happiness. There is less pollution in the morning. Plus, walking is easy on your joints.

If you live near a beach or forest, the air is rich in negative ions, which helps elevate the quality of the oxygen you are taking in.

The morning walk tips I'm about to provide you go beyond selecting the correct shoes, socks, FitBit, or iTunes playlists. You can find that basic information on other websites.

I want to give you some ideas for revitalizing your body through walking, and also through eating a diet based on natural food.

Morning Walk Tips

See Your Doctor Before Starting

Always get a checkup and full blood panel before you start any exercise and nutritional program.

Seeing your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional plan is the smartest thing you can do. 

Tell them you want to start taking morning walks, and that you want to work up to an hour in length. Let them know that some segments of your walk might be at fast speeds (if you choose to do some "intervals") and that you may be doing some exercises like squats or push-ups (if you so choose.)

Tell them, also, that you are looking into eating more natural foods...and plan on getting sugar foods and processed carbohydrates out of your diet.

Get a full blood panel. Tell your physician you want T3 and T4 Thyroid checked as well as your A1C.

John Eaton, 59, said, "I will be forever thankful I had a full blood panel. I'd been an athlete most of my life. I did not really workout with running or weights these past few years, but I was in a bowling league as well as a co-ed softball league.

I thought that was enough.

I wanted to start a morning walk program because I had moved to Dunedin FL, and the scenery was so beautiful.

I was shocked when my blood tests came back showing me that I was borderline pre-diabetic, and that my thyroid functioning was completely out of whack.

I told my doctor that I didn't really eat a lot of sweets, but I did eat a lot...and I mean a lot...of bananas and oranges. Probably a couple everyday. Some days I might eat three bananas if I was at home, and wanted a snack.

I also ate a lot of bagels and oatmeal, each breakfast. I thought they were supposed to be healthy. 

All of those foods were overloading me with sugar and carbohydrates. The bagels and oatmeal were actually killing me.

So was the pizza I would eat with my team at the bowling alley during our competition.

Fortunately, my doctor is a CrossFit athlete and has learned a great deal about nutrition. He flat told me that everything he learned in medical school was completely wrong.

That scared the hell out of me.

He made me reduce my fruit to one banana, or one orange per week. He made me completely give up bagels, oatmeal, bread, pizza, and spaghetti.

I went on a Ketogenic diet, and I have stayed on it. I've lost 25 lbs of fat in the past year. My thyroid levels and my A1C levels are back in the normal range.

I am forever grateful my new doctor caught that stuff before I needed to go on some crappy lifetime medication or went into a diabetic coma.


If I can help any of your readers with a morning walk tip, it would be to see your doctor and get a thorough checkup."

Start Eating Natural Foods

Start eating more natural foods to achieve better health. Refresh your body with natural foods.

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your body (and brain!) is to start fueling it with the most nutritious food possible. To get optimal health, you must choose a diet that optimizes metabolic action.

The people who benefit most from morning walks, also make a conscious lifestyle change when it comes to eating.


1. Get sugar foods completely out of their daily diet. No boxed cereals. No donuts. No pastries. No sodas. No desserts. Sugar is lethal when it comes to health complications.

2. Get grains out of your diet. Grain-based foods contain far too many carbohydrates, which have a disastrous effect on everything from your skin to your brain functioning.

Hgh-carb foods are the main villain for the explosion of Type II diabetes in the United States. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Two of the best books on the subject of processed carbs destroying your health are Wheat Belly, by Dr William Davis, and Grain Brain, by Dr David Perlmutter.

*Women particularly enjoy books by Dr Lori Shemek, and Dr Lisa Mosconi.

3. Drink only water. Stay away from so-called "energy drinks", sodas (including diet pop) and fruit juices. 

Unsweetened tea and coffee (without sugar) can be used in moderation.

4. Go easy on fruit. Yes, apples, bananas, oranges, etc are healthy...but only in small servings. Consuming them everyday can lead to blood sugar issues.

5. Eat as many green vegetables as you like.

6. Consume healthy meat products for protein (unless you are strict vegan/vegetarian, of course.)

7. Eat berries.

8. Increase the amount of "good fats" in your diet. This includes eggs, avocados, cheese, and olive oil to name a few. Watching YouTube videos, or purchasing a book on following a Keto diet can be very helpful in the area.

Eating natural foods will elevate your positive experiences with morning walks.

Sharon Abrams, 63, is a retired 2nd grade teacher. She said, "When I was 58, I knew I would be retiring in 5 years. I also knew I would be moving from Eugene OR to Seaside OR.

Eugene is an athletic town. University of Oregon sports are huge, as are all of the competitive communities for regular folks. 

I had always identified with being an athlete, growing up, and stayed active as I began my career as a wife, mom, and teacher. 

However, in my 50's, I started slipping in my food choices. I was eating way too many carbs. 

Even though I walked each morning before work, I was still putting on flab, and my skin was losing it's elasticity. I did not want to be one of those older women with crepe-looking skin. I still wanted to wear a bathing suit, especially when we  visited the Florida Gulf Coast during Christmas breaks.

When I went for my yearly blood panel, my A1C (blood sugar) had jumped significantly. I was just under the "pre-diabetic" threshold. 

I knew I had to make a change. 

The first thing I did was make an honest evaluation of my eating habits.

I found that I was sampling the baked "goodies" in the teachers' lounge on a daily basis. Little pieces of cakes, pies, and donuts add up when you make several trips through there each day.

I was eating oatmeal for breakfast because it was easy, fast, and warm. It was also loaded with with insulin-spiking carbs.

I was snacking on cold pizza, or a "short loaf" of bread we could purchase in the school cafeteria for 50¢.

I made the decision that I would eat only things that came out of the ground, or grew on trees, or I that I had to chase down and kill. 

I read everything I could about the Ketogenic Diet, and decided that was the lifestyle for me.

Also, on my morning walks, I did 20 air squats every 15 minutes.

It took awhile (about 5-6 months) for me to start seeing the results, but it was worth it. This completely refreshed my spirit.

I lost 20 lbs of fat, even though I was only trying to lose 10. My legs became more defined and toned. The skin on my face became tighter and more youthful looking.

Five years later, I have maintained these habits. I cook a lot of recipes from my new Keto Cookbook. I have added some intervals of 30-seconds fast walking during my morning walks.

The biggest help though was committing to a lifestyle of eating natural foods. I'm thankful I made the change.

Of all the morning walk tips I could give, making healthy eating a priority is the biggest."

Morning Walk Tips: Dress For Success

Dress nice for your morning walks. You will feel much better.

For the first of our morning walk tips, I want to diverge 180˚ from what you've probably heard.

On most walking websites, you'll usually get a breezy synopsis about the simplicity of this valuable habit.  It's not unusual to read, 

"Walking is so easy. Grab your old sweats, throw on some grubby shoes, and pull a ball cap over your head. You don't have to have a care in the world. You're out for walk!"

We see this completely different.

A morning walk is a positive start to a new day. You are ramping up your mindset and your physical body to accept an abundance of good things heading toward you. It is the perfect time to start the initial engines for revitalizing your spirit.

John Jenkins, 67, a retired computer salesman said, "When I started my morning walk habit, I made a promise to myself that I would never look like some  grubby old guy.

I have friends who brag about wearing the same t-shirt and shorts three weeks in a row. They tell me they deserve to look like a Nevada desert hermit because they wore suits all their career.

I wore nice suits and a tie my entire career, too. I took pride in representing myself, and my company, by dressing in quality clothes. I know it helped me achieve such high levels of sales.

Nothing has changed. I have a separate drawer with all my walking shorts and shirts. I have about 10-12 of each, and I wear something different, each morning walk.

So I have to do a couple extra loads of wash, big deal. I look clean, and I feel good about myself. I purchase new walking clothes each January, and donate my older stuff.

I also take time to wash my face, shave, comb my hair, and brush my teeth. I wear clean, new-looking athletic shoes. Sure, I may never meet Julia Roberts while I'm out walking before sunrise, but I feel great about myself. 

And, hey, if I do meet Julia Roberts while I'm out that morning, she'll be getting the best version of me."

Wearing nice-looking clothes for your morning walk can elevate and refresh your spirit.

Jeannie Ann Lancaster, 60, is a writer in Brookings Oregon. She pretty much echoed what John Jenkins said.

"Honestly, some of the morning walk tips I see on the Internet pretty much shock me. I have such beautiful areas to walk in. A combination of lovely beaches and pristine forests. Why would I want to look like an eyesore when the Universe has blessed me with so much beauty?

It takes me about 20 minutes before I actually start my morning walk. I put some water on the burner for my green tea, while I wash my face, brush my teeth, and brush my hair 1oo strokes. 

I go out on my front porch while I sip my tea, and do some easy stretches. It's a time to give thanks to the Universe for being able to interact with such a beautiful environment. 

I refresh my spirit by holding gratitude.

After my tea, I brush my teeth again, use some mouthwash, and I'm off!

I have several different outfits of soft blousy tops and flowing pants. They are both white, and some very soft pastels. On the real cool mornings, I have some colorful sweats. I wear something different each day. 

I want to look and feel vibrant, healthy, and 100% connected with a life of abundance."

The benefits of a morning walk stay with you throughout the day.

Morning Walk Tips: Read A Devotional Before Starting

Reading a morning devotional before your walk sets the tone for revitalizing your spirit.

The purpose of this site is to help you find novel and practical ways to refresh your spirit. One of our best morning walk tips is to read a devotional before you start out.

It is a great way to introduce affirming thoughts and visuals.

Abby Drake, 45, from Santa Fe NM, said, "One of the easiest things I do each morning while I have my pre-walk tea is to read a daily devotional. It takes about three minutes, but it gives me something beautiful to focus on as I walk through the empty Santa Fe Plaza area.

The central ideas of any devotional focus on core spiritual strengths like Gratitude, Extending Kindness, Forgiveness, or Praying For Others.

I just use my phone to read The Daily Word, which is connected to Unity Church.

It's easy, it's fast, and it gives me a valuable message that easily connects with the beauty I see on Santa Fe mornings.

It may seem unconventional for a blog post on morning walk tips, but it is extremely valuable and makes complete sense to me"

Eddie Painter, 70, is a retired union ironworker from New York. He said, "Before my morning walk, I always read a page from Joel Osteen's devotional.

He has a way of giving people Hope for a better day, and a better life in their future. 

It only takes me a couple of minutes to read. I usually close my eyes and try to meditate on his ideas for a minute or two, just to make sure I got the message straight.

When you get my age, you are constantly seeking ways to revitalize your spirit because the days go faster and faster. I want to make them count.

Reflecting on the goodness of God, or the Universe, while I am out walking in one of our beautiful city parks really helps me connect.

Reading a short devotional that makes sense, and one that I can apply to my life that day, is one of the best morning walk tips I can give your audience."

Morning Walk Tips: Add In Some Intervals

Morning Walk Tips; Add in some short intervals of strength exercises to increase the health benefits.

Adding in some body strengthening exercises to your morning walk is a great way to geometrically increase the health benefits you receive.

Jon and Vera Myles, from Manzanita OR said, "We live in a beautiful setting. Our morning walks are down on the beach, or around the city park. We go for about an hour. There is rarely any traffic at 7:00am.

We are both in our middle 60's. Several years ago, we decided we needed to start doing more strength-training type of activities to help our bone density and maintain our muscle tone.

In addition to the equipment we have in our garage, we decided to start doing push-ups every 15 minutes. It's an easy way to get in 40-60 reps.

Three times a week, we also incorporate some speed-walking. At the 14-minute mark, we start walking much faster than normal. After 60 seconds, when we hit the 15-minute mark, we drop down for some push-ups.

It was difficult at first, but now, since we have been banging them out for a couple of years, we can crank them out quickly with excellent form. 

My wife can do 15 perfect push-ups, just like a 19-year old United States Marine. She is great!

We have gotten much stronger. We appreciate you asking us to help with some morning walk tips."

Doing squats is an excellent strengthening exercise on your morning walk.

Pete and Jenny Carroll are in their early 40's. They dropped out of the corporate world to make a great living online from beautiful Newport OR.

Here's what they had to say.

"Air squats are an easy strengthening exercise to include in your morning walk. We run/lift weights 3 days each week. On our morning walk, we do a set of 50 air squats at the 20-minute mark, and at the 40-minute mark. We get in 100 total, and it is seamless.

Every once in awhile, we may add in 10-15 push-ups, or, if we are walking by the city park, we may add in a couple of pull-ups.

This is NOT a hard push. We do that on our regular workout days. This is just to stay strong and flexible into old age.

One of the best morning walk tips we can give is to add in some air squats. You will be amazed at your body in a year's time."

Morning Walk Tips: You Are NOT Too Old To Benefit

Morning Walk Tips: You are not too old to benefit from strengthening exercises during your morning walk.

Just because you are 65+ doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself from strengthening exercises on your morning walk.

Beth Haines, 81, is a retired Physics professor in Battle Ground WA. She says, "I have been taking morning walks for 40 years, so I've learned a thing or two.

One of the best investments you can make is to include some strength-training intervals. I started doing that about 35 years ago, and it has served me well.

There is not much traffic here in Battle Ground, so it's easy to do this in a neighborhood or just on the side of the road.

I like timing my morning walk so that I am near the city park, though. Here, I can get in some air squats, hang from one of the monkey bars, or do about 5 push-ups if I'm feeling especially Olympic!

Too many people think once they get to Social Security age they have to give up an athletic lifestyle. No way! If your doctor says you are healthy enough, go for it.

My boyfriend and I plan to be doing these strength-training intervals into our 90's.

One of the best morning walk tips is just forget your age, and do the work!"

Morning Walk Tips:Optimize Your Brain!

One of the simplest ways you can learn something new, increase your awareness on a variety of subjects, and enhance the creation of new brain cells/neural pathways is the listen to an audio book as you walk.

Stephanie Lance (39) runs a health products for weight loss business from her home. She said, "I have learned so much this past year, during the pandemic. Every morning, I take a 45-minute walk through a beautiful state park to increase my knowledge in certain areas.

I do this by walking, and listening to audio books and relevant podcasts. 

At first, it was difficult because so much information was being thrown at me, I was overwhelmed. After about 6 weeks, though, my brain caught up with the technology.

I was able focus far more intently, get the information I needed, and then start integrating it into my life, or my business.

My brain is on fire, and it is helping me make more money than I ever thought possible!

Learning by audio is the quickest way to increase your brain capacity, and make decisions about positive changes you need to upgrade your life.

My morning walk tips to friends always includes recommending they connect with an online audiobook program."

Morning Walk Tips:Conclusions

Morning walk tips: start with a check-up from your doctor. Dress nice. Read a devotional before your walk. Add in some strength-training intervals. Eat only natural foods. Have fun!

We hope you've enjoyed theses morning walk tips, and can integrate them into your own daily walk schedule.

Stay simple.

1. Dress nicely.

2. Read a devotional beforehand.

3. Include some strength-training intervals.

**ALWAYS REMEMBER: Make an appointment with your doctor and tell him you are about to start a new exercise and diet program. 

Walking with someone you love increases your feeling of connection with Nature, and each other.

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