Gua Sha Massage

A woman uses gentle scraping with a smooth jade tool for Gua Sha treatment on her face.

Gua Sha massage has become the biggest kept secret in facial skin revitalization. The gentle scraping with ultra smooth Gua Sha stones, stimulates and repairs skin cells and strengthens anti-aging circulation.

This is what celebrities, movie actresses, and female news anchors use on a daily basis to give radiance and elasticity to their skin.

What makes it even better is that Gua Sha massage can be done in your own home!

Soft Gua Sha skin treatment benefits you on several different levels. It not only improves circulation in the small capillaries of your skin, it also helps reawaken your spirit to self-healing.

The pleasant coolness of the massage tools gliding across your skin is both uplifting and renourishing.

Please understand that the tenor of this article will deal with gentle scraping of the skin. I understand that in traditional Gua Sha massage, much more pressure is used and it leaves specific bruising. 

**This is NOT the intent of home Gua Sha massage and skin treatment.

There is no need to apply hard pressure when using the stone tools. This is an experience in tender touch, comfort, and softness.

Judy Davis Lowe (56) is a retired elementary school teacher in Newport OR. She said, "Gua Sha massage has been such a revitalizing ritual for me. I wish I had known about the skin enriching benefits when I was 30 years younger. I would have been experiencing this healing pleasantness for decades!

I start each morning by washing my face with Eva Naturals Cleansing Serum. It is so soft and makes my face and neck feel like delicate baby skin.

I then apply a light application of extra virgin coconut oil, and begin my gentle scraping with my Gua Sha tools. 

I've heard other women say they like to begin the massaging action without a skin oil, but for me, I like the smoother, gliding action. 

It is such a pleasant sensation that I just close my eyes. My scraping only takes about 3-4 minutes on my face and neck. It makes such a sweet way to greet the morning as I move to write in my gratitude journal outside on the patio.

Two days a week, I change to using an avocado oil for moisturizing and hydrating my skin. I buy it for a nominal price on Amazon, and it works just like the ones that sell for $20 more.

I do this so my skin experiences different natural healing lotions. I feel it stimulates the tiny cell receptors and nourishes them with a different nutrient mix. 

At night, I take another few minutes to repeat the morning Gua Sha massage ritual. A lot of times, my husband will ask if he can use the carved stones to gently massage my face. He also is very willing to do this on my back and shoulders.

If you have someone who can give you a loving Gua Sha massage before bed, it will be one of the most heavenly experiences you can have with a lover."

Gua Sha Massage Done At Home

The great thing about home Gua Sha massage is that it is extremely inexpensive. You can purchase a kit containing the small implements for under $20, and you can get quality coconut or avocado oils that are low cost.

Cindy Broden (47), an online entrepreneur from Brookings OR said, "I bought a small kit from June Berry online, and it was perfect. It had a large scraping shell and a roller with two different heads. They are made of rose quartz and are beautiful to look at.

The tools are cool on my face and neck, which makes using them all the more pleasant.

The almond oil I use is low cost and extremely healing."


April Houston (33) a mail carrier from Edmonds WA, said, "I wanted to start my anti-aging routine as early as possible. I've been using home Gua Sha massage for the past three years, and I really notice a difference in my skin.

I'm fortunate to live in such a healing environment, the Pacific Northwest. We have mild, high-moisture weather, so my face and skin is not damaged by extreme high or low temperatures. 

Still, I am committed to caring for it. I want my skin to maintain as much of its elasticity as possible as I age up. 

I see facial skin care as a holistic commitment than mirrors my outlook on my general healthy lifestyle.

I eat cleanly, following a good plant-based Keto diet, and I utilize a workout program focusing on compound lifts, and burst intervals.

I also take Resurge as a supplement.

Skin care is much more than applying a few natural oils and doing some home Gua Sha treatment. If you are not putting clean foods in your system, and getting rid of excess body fat, you will end up completely sabotaging your skin."

Video Tutorial On Home Gua Sha Massage

In this video tutorial, the presenter references the Odacite Rose Quartz Contour tool. This is a top-of-the-line Gua Sha massage implement that sells for close to $50.

It's beautiful and very effective, but the women I interviewed for this article were extremely pleased with kits (containing a facial contour tool and a stone roller) they purchased for less than half that price.

Whatever price range you feel most comfortable with, will be the one for you. 

Rose Quartz Or Jade For Gua Sha Massage?

There has been discussion for centuries about the best crystals to use in creating tools for Gua Sha massage. The two conflicting stones are Jade, and Rose Quartz.

The great thing about both is that they are carved from non-porous crystals which means they will not sop-up creams or oils as they travel over the skin.

Susan Antonni (60) a former university professor, said, "Basically, there is no difference in either stone. The rose quartz is a bit harder, so it takes more work to carve it, which makes it slightly more expensive.

Actually, centuries ago in China, animal bone and horn were used as scraping tools. There was no rose quartz mined in China, so that stone wasn't even on the plate.

Jade has always been a symbol of wealth in the Far East. Jade stones were carved only for the richest of Chinese Gua Sha massage practitioners. 

Jade was also thought to enhance Chi, the crucial life force which intensifies energy flow that binds all things together in the Universe.

Wrinkles in the face were seen as blockage to the flow of Chi, and jade was viewed as the most powerful weapon to overcome this "health issue". By reducing or eliminating these blockages, you once again created the harmonious flow of cosmic energy through the body.

Truthfully, it all comes down to personal preference. Many women like the rose quartz because it symbolizes Love, and the gentle stroking with the implements during home Gua Sha massage is seen as the personification of self-love.

Both stones provide coolness to the facial area, and both move smoothly over lightly oiled surfaces. You will not go wrong with either."

The Benefits Of Gua Sha Massage

The benefits of Gua Sha have been extolled and acclaimed since the earliest centuries in Asian cultures. Everything from wrinkle removal to intensifying female orgasms have been cited. 

Susie Lyn Hawthorne (54) is a former surgeon who decided to become a therapist. She said, "Even though there are some outlandish claims about the benefits of Gua Sha massage, there have been some scientific studies done and data collected.

However...and this is a big 'However'...these studies were done on the intense scraping massage utilized for pain management in large-muscle areas, not home facial massage which is of a far more gentle approach.

There have been reported results of reduction in inflammation in mice where an antioxidant enzyme was seen to flow through body organs and create an anti-inflammatory yield.

On humans, there has been documented evidence of pain suppression, and also pain relief. Once again, though, this was with the intense scraping which leaves temporary long red marks on the skin surface.

As far as removing wrinkles, accenting a jawline, or eliminating fat in the face, this is strictly anecdotal.

That being said, I fully participate in home Gua Sha facial and neck massage. For me, it's extremely uplifting and healing from a sensory perspective. It's relaxing, it feels good, and it reduces my stress.

Plus, it changes the way I see myself. It makes me feel as if my skin is glowing, and that helps me tremendously as I start my day.

I do this twice a day. Once in the morning, after I exercise, and shower...and then at night about 30 minutes before bed.

I guess I do have specific directional strokes. I go from the center-out, and from the top-down. Once in a while I will reverse things, but I don't think one direction has an advantage over another. Blood flows both ways in the body, and it is continually circulating.

Several times each week, my husband will ask if he can do it for me. This is pretty much being supremely pampered."

Gua Sha Massage With Others

You can, also, receive a Gua Sha massage in a spa-like setting, or have a friend or lover provide it for you. If you attend a spa facility, plan on paying at least $60 for a 20-minute session (which usually includes shoulders and back.)

If you have a friend or lover provide a Gua Sha treatment, make sure to establish some ground rules ahead of time. All scraping must be gentle. It should not last over 4-6 minutes, and scraping should not be confined to any one area of the face/neck.

Put on some soothing ambient music. Use quality oils for your face. They do not have to be expensive, but please do not purchase them in the Baking aisle of your supermarket.

A Gua Sha massage will help stimulate blood flow in the smallest capillaries of your face and neck. Be sure to hydrate plentifully, with plain water, afterward so you can flush toxins from your system.

Look forward to the wonderful feeling of relaxation you will find with a gentle Gua Sha massage.

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