Stop Plodding Along. Sprint To
Lose Belly Fat!

Sprinting is the best way to in crease your metabolism and lose belly fat.

Sprint to lose belly fat? Yes. A series of short, intense sprints have been found to be more beneficial to lose belly fat than just running.

The biggest obstacle to creating a defined, chiseled look is losing the last covering of fat to expose your abs, and separation in your appendage muscles.

The idea of doing a 1000 crunches each day, followed by Russian Twists, and other abdominal-related exercises will NOT get you there.

Stop wasting time thinking they will.

Yes, they will definitely strengthen your core, but they just do not create enough of a metabolic stimulus to burn belly fat, and get rid of your love handles.

Sprint training, when combined with focused strength training, and intelligent eating, creates the most significant fat loss.

Jeff Heston (44) a trainer for people who wish to make money online, lives on Longboat Key FL, said "After a year of getting myself in decent shape, I started wanting to look better at the beach. I had gotten larger, from lifting weights, but it was a bulky, smooth look.

Even though I was up to jogging 3 miles on the beach most mornings, nothing was happening. If anything, my waist was getting more softer looking.

I wanted to be more ripped, but I did not want to resort to taking steroids.

I ran into a friend one morning when I was running.

He was on an isolated part of the beach doing some sprints. He looked great. I could not believe how muscular he looked, and said so.

He told me he changed three things in his fitness training. He followed a Ketogenic diet. He started doing Old School lifts, he sprinted 2-3 times week, and walked the other days.

He told me he'd text me the info on each of the programs, and challenged me to try it for 3 months, just commit to 90 days.

I'm now 9 months in, and I am committed for life. I lost 22 lbs, my waist dropped 2 inches, I can see my abs, and I got better at strict pull-ups and front squats.

It was worth it to be open-minded and make changes that benefitted me so hugely."

You will get ripped when you combine sprinting with a Ketogenic diet and strength training.

Our recommendations for the best programs in each discipline:

Best Keto Diet ProtocolThe Custom Keto Diet

Best Strength Training ProgramBuild A Classic Physique

Best Sprint Training ProgramAnabolic Running

Why Sprint To Lose Belly Fat?

The benefits of sprinting to lose belly fat are becoming more apparent each year as more physiological research is done in this area.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits:

* Sprints save time and runners lose more fat. You can do a sprint workout in 20-25 minutes...compared to running endless miles before sunrise. Short, intense bursts are more effective than an hour of jogging.

* Sprints enhance the body's production of enzymes to breakdown fat for fuel. Jogging depends on carbohydrates.

* Sprints to lose belly fat increases the production of growth hormone.

* Sprinting signals the release of muscle-building hormones like testosterone (T), human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF). ALL of which benefit men's physical and mental health. 

* Short sprint workouts improve the generation of fat-burning hormones, such as adiponectin. Belly fat triggers the release of dangerous hormones that cause inflammation. Sprinting triggers the release of hormones to combat this.

* When you sprint to lose belly fat, you increase excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This is the "after-burn" effect which has you torching body fat at an accelerated rate in the 24-hours after a workout.

Get A Solid Protocol When You Sprint To Lose Belly Fat

Get a solid protocol if you want to sprint to lose belly fat.

Checkout any YouTube video of Olympic sprinters and decathletes. Those guys are the most muscular, ripped  members of the team (other than the weight lifters.)

Doing sprints will help you burn fat while building lean muscle. Combine them with a Keto  diet, and resistance training to see the best results.  

A good sprinting routine will also help you build your cardio endurance and get the ripped results you're after.

Sprinting can also boost your cardiovascular health.

It improves your heart function by making it work harder. Because it involves rapid, intense movement, your heart will benefit. You will also lower your blood pressure.

Additionally, as we discussed above, sprinting can boost the production of human growth hormone and testosterone, both of which decline rapidly in men who eat crap food, and only do moderate workouts.

By incorporating a sprint routine into your weekly workout, you'll be able to get your desired body.

With all this in mind, you cannot just show up and start funning fast, willy-nilly, through the neighborhood or out on the beach.

Just like Olympic athletes have a protocol that escalates distance, time, and effort over a period of need this too.

Jess Headings (34) who creates eBooks for local companies, lives on Clearwater Beach FL. He said, "I was stupid about adding in sprints to lose belly fat. 

I figured I'd go down to the beach by Pier 60, every morning, and run ten, 100 meter sprints each day. I didn't even make it to the end of the week.

By Thursday, my brain and neurological-system was fried, and I ended up pulling a hamstring. That shelved me for another 5-6 weeks.

It was like I could see more fat growing on my love handles.

I finally got my head together and committed to a ketogenic diet.

I started doing basic lifts in my garage, concentrating on Dead Lifts, Squats, and Standing Presses. And, I purchased a science-based sprinting program for about the same price as some pizza and beer.

In 4 months time, I saw huge changes in my body. I was actually starting to look like an athlete. Even though I lost 25 lbs, I actually looked bigger because you could see my muscles so easily.

Trust me, it works to sprint to lose belly fat. It works even better if you eat smart and lift smart."

Sprint To Lose Belly Fat: A Short Note About Shoes

Picking the right shoe is critical if you want to sprint to lose belly fat.

In order to avoid injuries, you should give your shoes an expiration date. You can use a pair of shoes for about 500 miles, when jogging, before it is time to replace them.

For guys running 20 miles a week, this works out to replacing your shoes every 6 months.

Sprinting, especially on asphalt, breaks the tread down faster. Even though you will total far, far less than this, figure on replacing your shoes every 5-6 months, too.

Write the expiration date on your shoes with Magic Marker when you purchase them to be sure that you do not forget it.

Yes, we know it can bring some expense, but that's easier to swallow than injuring an Achilles, or straining a calf muscle due to broken down footwear.

**You do NOT need spiked shoes unless you have access to an all-weather track, and that is where you will be doing ALL your sprint training.

Shoes are very important to your workouts. Finding shoes that have the right technology, and fit correctly will make a world of difference. 

The 3 Keys Needed When You Sprint 
To Lose Belly Fat

You have a great goal, wanting to reduce your belly fat, and doing it through an activity as athletic as sprinting. Not everyone makes this commitment.

We want to see you reach your goals.

Once again, here are our recommendations for you to get the ripped, muscular body you desire.

Best Keto Diet ProtocolThe Custom Keto Diet

Best Strength Training ProgramBuild A Classic Physique

Best Sprint Training ProgramAnabolic Running

Sprint to lose belly fat! You can do it.

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