Women Lose Weight With A Keto Diet!

Women lose weight with a keto diet because it is easy to understand. and implement.

Women lose weight weight with a Keto diet. It has been proven to be the safest, and most natural way for women to lose belly fat. The Custom Keto Diet works! 

Everyday, women search for information on "how to lose weight"..."Keto diet for beginners"...and, "Keto diet meal plan".

You've heard snatches of the Ketogenic lifestyle, but find information online can be incomplete. Ordering books from Amazon can be frustrating because many read like textbooks from a college nutrition class.

In a nutshell, women want to know 3 things about the Keto diet: 
1. Is it easy to understand and implement?
2. Is it safe?
3. Does it get results?

Bonnie Johannsen (36) is a nurse from Corvallis OR. She said, "I needed to lose about 35 lbs. In the past two years, I had gotten very careless with my eating habits.

I was putting in long overtime hours at the hospital because of the pandemic. I was nervous and scared because of the crushing amount of infections and death I was witnessing.

I'd come home and pour myself a big bowl of Cocoa Puffs, about twice the normal serving, and mindlessly spoon it in while I watched national news.

That was so depressing that I'd turn on Amazon Prime Video and eat several (probably about 20 Oreo cookies) while I watched a new romance video.

In the space of an hour, I had eaten about 200 grams of carbohydrates, 40 grams of sugar, and who knows how much poisonous stuff like high-fructose corn syrup, genetically engineered soy lecithin, and artificial sweeteners.

I was depressed with how I looked. My face was sallow and puffy. My body was doughy. It had no muscle tone. At 5'5", I weighed close to 150 lbs. 

On top of that, I had no energy, and I was hungry all the time. No matter how much I ate, I never felt full.

When I was at work, I was always snacking on the breads, cakes, and pastries other nurses brought in to cheer us all up.

The thing that put a stop to everything was when I got my yearly blood panel.

My doctor said, "You are pre-diabetic. You are headed to full-blown Type 2 diabetes. Just so you know, Type 2 is a stepping stone to developing Alzheimer's disease, for women. This is your future."

I was shocked and thoroughly frightened. I knew I had to lose weight. I knew I had to lose belly fat and thigh fat. I wanted to do it in a sensible and safe way.

Fortunately, my doctor is young and cutting edge when it comes to nutrition. She told me about starting a Ketogenic diet, and how much that would help me.

I'd heard women lose weight with a Keto diet, so I was onboard, immediately.

I went home and ordered a book called The Case For Keto, by investigative science journalist, Gary Taubes. It was outstanding...but it reminded me of a lot of books I had to study in college.

I wanted something I could process easily, and integrate in my own lifestyle.

Fortunately, I found the Custom Keto Diet."

Click here to get access to the Custom Keto Diet Plan.

Women Lose Weight With A Keto Diet Because It Is Easy To Understand

Women lose weight with a Keto diet program because it is easy to understand.

In the past couple of years, women have been starting a ketogenic diet to lose weight because it is easy to understand.

It is carbohydrate-restrictive, meaning you will be dropping a lot of foods that taste delicious, but destroy your blood sugar levels, get stored as fat, and cause inflammation which is dangerous for your heart, kidneys, and especially for your brain.

The Custom Ket0 Diet Plan makes this even easier. Not only do you receive a 24-page downloadable eBook, but you also receive nine 2-minute audios that reinforce what you've learned. Shopping lists, which can be printed, are also included.

Brenda Lee Lofton (42) is a nurse in Bandon OR. She said, "When I first started a Ketogenic diet, I got The Ketogenic Key from our city library. It was great! I learned a lot, and took copious notes.

The problem was, I couldn't take those notes with me when I stopped in for some random shopping, or if I was trying to explain why I was losing so much weight to my friends, when we were out.

With the Custom Keto Diet, I have all of that information right here on my iPhone. I can find exactly what I'm looking for with a few short finger movements.

The nice thing about this Ketogenic program is that it teaches women how their body works, and how different foods effect it. Especially long-term."

Women Lose Weight With A Keto Diet Because It Is Safe

The Ketogenic diet is backed by decades of scientific and medical research.

Women trust following a Ketogenic diet because it is safe in its simplicity. 

You will be eating all natural foods. There are no magic powders to purchase. There are no dangerous fat-loss drugs to take.

* The Ketogenic diet is backed by decades of scientific studies. It was actually being used a 100 years ago, in the 1920's, to benefit victims of epilepsy. 

* You will learn that sugar and refined grains are the two enemies that sabotage your weight loss goals.

* You will learn the difference between "good fats" and "bad fats", and how both effect your body.

* You will learn how so-called "whole wheat" breads and pasta destroy you best efforts for fat loss. 

*You will learn how to make good food choices for both everyday meals, and snacks.

* You will be eating only foods that grow on trees, come out of the ground, or you have to hunt it down. You will NOT be eating processed, packaged foods.

The Custom Keto Diet is underwritten with volumes of scientific/medical research.

Women Get Weight Loss Results With The Keto Diet

Women lose weight with a Keto diet. They cannot help it.

Once you get sugar foods, refined grains, and toxic industrial seed oils completely out of your diet...your body will begin to heal.

* You will reduce and off-load inflammation, which is extremely dangerous to women's brain health.

* You will make conscious food choices, and eat with more clarity. There will be NO MORE  mindless stuffing with foods like chips, crackers, pretzels, or mini-cookies.

* You can choose to exercise...or not. Many...and I mean MANY women, just follow a routine of daily walking, for an hour each day.

* There are no harsh exercise videos. No boot-camp style workouts. (Yes, you will lose weight faster, and look much more toned if you include 20 minutes of weight training, but it is not required.)

The Custom Keto Diet works for women of all ages, from an 18-year old college student, to a 70-year old grandmother.

Following a Ketogenic eating plan will change your body in just a few months!

* A Bonus For Women Following A Ketogenic Diet: This low-carb, high-fat eating plan will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce you risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease.

The Ketogenic diet is not a fad. It is a vital eating program that has changed the trajectory of women's health. Carbohydrate-rich foods have been sabotaging women since the 1980's when we were all given poor nutrition guidelines from the American Medical Association.

The mantra of "Make sure to eat 11 whole grains, and eat low fat foods" has created a nation of obesity and inflammation disorders. That strategy has set women up for, not only Type 2 diabetes, but also, Alzheimer's disease.

Female medical professionals, like Dr Lori Shemek, Dr Lisa Mosconi, and research journalist, Ms Amy Berger, have brought the Ketogenic diet into the mainstream.

Women lose weight with a Keto diet, and they also protect their brain from inflammation.

The Custom Keto Diet program wraps this up thoroughly.

Click here to access the Custom Keto Diet website.

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