The Custom Keto Diet Plan Destroys Belly Fat And Keeps It Off!

The Custom Keto Diet burns of belly and hip fat, ands keeps it off.

The Custom Keto Diet is a simple, yet extremely effective lifestyle change that helps you lose body fat. Hundreds of women begin this Ketogenic plan each week.

Fitness author, Rachel Roberts, has created a best-selling program that helps women in three important ways.

* First, it provides them the foundation to make a permanent lifestyle change that will help them lose unattractive fat, and keep it off forever.

Best-selling author, Dr Lori Shemek, said, "The ketogenic diet transforms overweight individuals using a nutritional plan that features high good fats, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate intake."

* Secondly, because it is carbohydrate-restrictive, it lowers their blood sugar levels and can reverse Type 2 diabetes. 

Dr William Davis, author of the landslide best-seller, Wheat Belly, says, "Low-carb diets in their various forms—paleo, ketogenic, Atkins’, Wheat Belly/Undoctored—do indeed reverse insulin resistance, reduce blood sugar/HbA1c, reduce potential for diabetic complications, and allow substantial weight loss. It is not uncommon for type 2 diabetes to be completely reversed such that no medications or insulin are required with restoration of all diabetes measures back to normal."

* Third, and most importantly, it nourishes the neurons in women's brains to significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Dr David Perlmutter, neurosurgeon and leading Alzheimer's authority, said, "Women have 2x the chance of developing Alzheimer's disease as men. Predisposition to this insidious disease can show up 20 years before the onset. It's imperative that women make significant dietary changes to diminish this risk. Following a ketogenic diet is the primary key."

I had to go to three different sources to find that information. In the Custom Keto Diet plan, it is all wrapped up in one easy to understand program.

The Custom Keto Diet Plan:
Empowering Women To A New Lifestyle

The Custom Keto Diet Plan empowers women to embrace a new, and more positive lifestyle.

Karen Henderson (33) a nurse from Coos Bay OR, said,
"The Custom Keto Diet has helped me tremendously. Yes, it helped me get rid of so much ugly fat, but more importantly, it gave me a new lifestyle that is protecting me as I age.

Working the night shift completely destroyed my eating habits. My sleep patterns were so disrupted that I ate a lot of boxed cereals, before I went to work, and then when I came home at sunrise.

I tried to fool myself by buying stuff like, Honey Nut Cheerios, but each bowl of that was giving me about 75g of carbs, and 30 grams of sugar. 

I'm only 5'3", so every pound I put on, looked like 10 for a taller woman. When I went for my yearly check-up, I weighed 159 lbs!

I was horrified, and felt completely lifeless. 

When my doctor showed me my A1c levels had pushed me into Pre-Diabetic territory (6.1) I was scared, and depressed.

Fortunately, she mentioned how much success women were having with fat loss by going on a ketogenic diet (cutting out almost all carbs, and eating foods that were high in good fats.)

She gave me a handout that described the diet, and a couple of simple recipes. 

On my way home, I stopped by the library and checked out a book on the keto diet. I took copious notes, but there was a lot of research/science to wade through. 

I did the best I could, from what I read, and I actually dropped 10 lbs my first month. I felt pretty successful.

A month later, a friend from another hospital came through and remarked about my weight loss. I thanked her, but said, you have really outdistanced me. She looked fabulous!

It was then, she told me about the Custom Keto Diet that I could purchase online. She said it was only $39 dollars, and it came with quality info that was distilled down to nine 2-minute videos, and a 24-page eBook. Plus, you received a month of recipes that were tailored to a questionnaire you answered.

When I got off our shift, I went straight to my computer to learn more about it. Paying $39 was no big deal. I spent that much on cereals and Chicken McNuggets during the week. It came with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so I was not real worried. 

I gave myself 60 days to see what this plan could do. I, also, started walking 30 minutes before work, and 30 minutes after. Some of it was brisk. Most of it was not.

I could see changes in my body starting about Week 3. I didn't get on the scales, though. I just stayed with the program. (Rachel starts you with a 28-day recipe plan.)

At the end of Week 4, I had dropped another 15 pounds! I was down to 127 lbs. It was unbelievable!

For the next four weeks I was super motivated. I started taking a spoonful of MCT oil, each morning. It tastes mostly like water. I carried a few almonds or walnuts for snacks. I grilled a lot of turkey and chicken breasts each weekend.

It all paid off!

At the end of that final 30 day segment , I had dropped another 18 pounds. I was down to 110 lbs, and I actually looked pretty athletic. I could see definition in my thighs, and I was starting to show my abdominal muscles.

As of right now, I am at 102 lbs. I am even more defined and toned. I have abs. My A1c labs are at 4.6. All my other vitals are churning at optimal counts. My doctor says I look like a fitness model, and she now is following the program!

I cannot go back to eating crap food. The Custom Keto Diet is a lifestyle eating plan I will follow the rest of my life."

The Custom Keto Diet Reduces The Risk In Women For Type 2 Diabetes And Alzheimer's 

The Custom Keto Diet plan significantly reduces the risk for women for developing Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

The true power of a ketogenic diet comes in its preventative qualities. It has been well-documented that going keto fights inflammation, enhances energy production in the brain, and reduces the production of dangerous free radicals.

Dr David Perlmutter, said, "Eating the wrong foods damage your gut bacteria, which seep through your intestinal lining, get in the blood stream and damage your brain. It is a silent and sinister process that comes from making poor food choices.

A ketogenic diet reverses all of this. You avoid gluten-containing grains. You avoid cell-damaging industrial seed oils that drastically increase inflammation in the brain.

You diet now consists of healthy antioxidants and Omega-3's. NO sugar or refined carbohydrates, no foods fried is rancid oils.

It is a complete dietary lifestyle change. A ketogenic diet greatly reduces your risk of Alzheimer's, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. It changes the trajectory of women's brain destiny."

The Custom Keto Diet Plan is NOT a fad diet. It is a lifetime eating plan that empowers women to reach optimal health. You now have intelligent and fact-based choices about what foods to put into your body.

You now have control over minimizing the risks for developing Type 2 diabetes, or Alzheimer's disease after menopause.

With the Custom Keto Diet, women are now proactive is becoming the most healthful version of themselves.

Exercise And The Custom Keto Diet 

The Custom Keto Diet Plan works best with moderate, but consistent exercise.

The Custom Keto Diet Plan works best with consistent exercise. 

Notice, I did NOT say anything about intense exercise. I just said it needs to be consistent, meaning you move daily for at least 30 - 60 minutes continually.

In the Custom Keto Diet there is:
- NO intense so-called Boot Camp workout
- NO running 5 miles before the sun comes up
- NO exhausting HIIT intervals
- NO mandatory or controlling workout at all

The Custom Keto Diet is about moving to increase heart health, optimize the mitochondrial activity in your brain cells, maintain the elasticity in your skin, and increase your oxygen transport. 

It's mainly about YOU becoming all the woman you can be in a physical sense.

Using weights occasionally on the Custom Keto Diet will accelerate your fat loss.

Here are three different ways women get their needed movement.

Bonnie Akers (33) is a tax consultant in Salem OR, she said, "My entire workout takes 40 minutes. The first 5 are some easy stretching and rolling on a foam roller to get the kinks out.

The next 5 minutes are alternating 50 rope jumps with 3 men's push-ups.

The next 10 minutes, I do some kind of weight exercises or swing my 20 lbs kettlebell.

From there, I just walk the last 20 minutes. It goes by in a breeze. I use this a spiritual time to connect with Nature. 

I've pretty much followed this for a year. I've lost 40 lbs, and I've kept it off. My body just gets more tighter looking."


Annette Humphries (39) from Corvallis OR said, "My workouts are very simple. I walk for 45 minutes each morning, and each evening. Every 10 minutes, I stop and do either 5-8 men's push-ups, or 20 air squats. I just rotate those two exercises. 

If I go by the park, or the grade school, I hang on one of the bars for 30 seconds, or try to do 2-3 pull-ups. My Custom Keto workouts are easy-peasy, but they are tremendous effective. I've lost 35 lbs in just 8 months, and I am really getting firm."


Denise Edwards (46) from Treasure Island FL, said, "I am so thankful for the Custom Keto Diet program. My exercise routine just enhances all of the benefits I receive from it. For me, beach walking is my main exercise. I walk for an hour in the morning. I start on the Treasure Island Beach Trail, then walk down by the water to come back. I listen to great audio books as I walk.

I keep a kettlebell in my truck in the parking lot. I either swing it, or do kettlebell thrusters when I get back, on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I do 3 sets of 15 swings, or 3 sets of 10 Thrusters. My kettlebell weighs 25 lbs.

I've been on this ketogenic diet for almost 2 years. I have lost 60 lbs. Yes, 60 lbs, and I look great. My skin does not sag. My legs look very tight. My arms have no crepe skin folds on them.

I have completely reversed my Type 2 diabetes markers. My A1c went from 6.2 to 4.8. My doctor cannot believe it. I am also going to schedule a brain scan, like I learned about in Dr Lisa Mosconi's book, XX Brain, to see how my markers for predisposition to Alzheimer's look.

The Custom Keto Diet program has turned me into a completely different woman."

All About The Custom Keto Diet

The Custom Keto Diet program is a digital product. You gain access through the Internet. You can also download the information videos and eBooks if you wish to store them on your computer.

Pros of the Custom Keto Diet Plan

- Backed by extensive scientific/medical research
- You will get sugar foods completely out of your diet.
- You will get processed carbs out off your diet.
- You will get wheat and grain products out of your diet.
- You will get toxic cooking/seed oils out of your diet.
- It is a lifetime eating plan. It is NOT a short-term diet.
- Easy to understand.
- Easy to understand what foods are harming you
- No Calorie counting
- No starvation days
- No harsh workouts
- You will discover Intermittent Fasting.

Cons of the Custom Keto Program
- Requires commitment
- Requires self-discipline
- Requires getting delicious, but toxic foods out of your diet.
- Requires drinking more water and getting better sleep.
- Everyday movement/exercise is encouraged.

The Custom Keto Diet Will Help You Reach
Your Health Goals

You can reach your health goals with the Custom Keto Diet program.

The Custom Keto Diet Plan has been a hit with women the past two years. Every week, hundreds of more women sign up for this valuable resource.

If you desire to lose body fat, if you wish to reduce the risk or even reverse the effects of Type 2 diabetes, if you want to put a protective plan in place to thwart the development of Alzheimer's disease...The Custom Keto Diet Program will help you tremendously.

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